9 May 2011 - 10:19 am

AIESEC Sheffield elections: See it, Believe it, Achieve it!

So, the big day came! It was the 25th of March and a new committee of AIESEC Sheffield was elected. It took us five hours of speeches and question and answer sessions, which was nerve wrecking for the candidates, yet very inspiring for AIESEC Sheffield members. We had two people from AIESEC national team to chair the elections and calm down the panicking candidates. Needless to say, everyone (yes, even those who did not run for elections) was dressed up formally- this is how seriously we take the elections in AIESEC. The elections was broadcasted live so that AIESEC’ers (and not only them) would get the taste of AIESEC Sheffield elections. The new executive board was elected in the most democratic and transparent way possible through a complicated STV procedure. And then, at 11 pm at night, we announced a new team of one president and four vice-presidents.

However, AIESEC is getting bigger next year. Or at least we hope it is 🙂 Thus team leader positions were introduced in order to help vice-presidents set strategies, recruit members, manage teams, deal with clients, attend meetings, deliver presentations and do all other amazing and challenging AIESEC-related stuff.  Most importantly, they will keep up the spirit of AIESEC. So we hold the elections the following week (on the 31st of March), and I must say that the elections was equally tiring. The competition was fierce and newly elected team leaders have done a great job to get their positions.

As a former vice-president of AIESEC, I had to go through the elections last year and I still remember them as one of the best experiences in my life. It is difficult to describe the feeling when you enter the room with the music of your choice, which in some way describes you or inspires you. Then you give a speech to your your fellow AIESEC’ers. You thought it would be easy-  all of them are your friends! Yet somehow it is not easy at all.

It does not matter how much time you have spent with them in the pub- now they are judging you on your performance. You have to inspire them, be confident in what you are saying, really believe in it and somehow manage to remember your speech while you are nervous because you want the position so much. And then question&answer session with never-ending questions and so little time to say everything you want to!

I must say I was impressed by the elections. All the candidates were very strong and had so much drive, passion and enthusiasm! And there was one thing that I was looking forward to for the whole year when I was in AIESEC. We have a little tradition to pour water on someone, who gets elected. This is the way we announce the winners and pass on the responsibility on someone else. And I finally I had a chance to pour a jar of water on the newly-elected vice-president.

And finally, I would like to wish best of luck to AIESEC Sheffield next year. Dream big and have a vision.

See it, believe it, achieve it, and enjoy the AIESEC way as much as I did!

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  1. Liz says:

    As someone who has limited experiance with AIESEC- Im a very pleased that Aslan is the president for next year as he currently is an enterprise link! Congrats Aslan and I llok forward to more AIESEC projects (with some fantastic dancing) in the next academic year 🙂

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