26 October 2012 - 10:01 am

Baby racer

All adoring parents would say they’d do anything for their kids. Colin Furze, a new father from Stamford, Lincolnshire has taken that perhaps one step too far by constructing the worlds fastest pram for his 1 month old son.

baby in pram, worried face

I think this would be most babies reactions if asked did they want a ride in Colin's pram. thanks to milletre for the pic.


The pram is fitted with a 125cc motorbike engine and has 4 gears allowing the pram to reach speeds of up to 50mph. Not surprisingly he hasn’t taken his son out for a ride yet, but has admitted he wants to one day. His partner is much less keen on the idea of her new born racing around at 50mph. Hopefully they’ve invested in another pram which goes at a normal walking pace.

The desire to invent can come over us at the strangest of times, but to build a buggy designed for speed just 1 month after your son is born is a bit odd, in my opinion. Nevertheless, to have the drive to construct a pram for his son, so soon after his birth and break a world record whilst at it is admirable and certainly makes Colin an enterprising person!

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