24 February 2013 - 10:51 am

Online identity

As an English Literature student whose first language is not English and is not from England, I find it quite hard to believe that I will get the job I want in the UK after graduation. As I mentioned in my previous blog, interviews are very decisive in finding a career. But I believe what the panel does before inviting me to an interview is to Google me. And whatever I have put on my Facebook or Twitter can have as much effect on the interview’s outcome as does my CV. I recently realised that I need to have a strong online presence if I want to have a chance in this competitive job market. Social networking websites such as Linkedin.com and Academia.edu offer students like me a chance to put an online CV and connect with the people we are in a professional or academic relationship with. But if you are looking for the impact agenda that will persuade any institute about your passion for what you do is to update your online identity regularly. If you have a Twitter account for updating friends with funny cat stories and Friday-night parties, open another one exclusively for your work/study and update them with the articles you are reading, researches you are doing, or skills you are learning. This will show that you are moving forward and not stuck in the same place you were last month, or year.

Blogging could be very helpful, as well. But to blog effectively, one needs to know one’s audience and write for them. I sometimes get overwhelmed when I check out other students or academics’ blogs. Some of the bloggers work very professionally and have blogged almost every day! However, I believe if one can be consistent in one’s pace and posts, it will have the desired effect on potential employers. Just be careful! Profile pictures can be very tricky. Since your photo is the first thing one notices when checking out your website, choose one that shows your character without being too boring or drunk!

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