9 March 2013 - 12:13 pm

Let’s get ready to jumble!

As part of the Vice Chancellor’s Celebration of Enterprise us USE Interns are organising an enterprise event on Wednesday 17th April.  As part of our Intern event I am organising a student run jumble sale – Let’s Get Ready to Jumble!

jewellery flea markettoys flea marketThanks to my love of all things second-hand and vintage the idea of a student jumble sale fills me with glee!  If you also have a love of all things second-hand, why not apply for a stall?  If you have loads of second-hand items, things you don’t use any more, books, clothes, cookware or odds and ends lying around the house, why don’t you apply for a stall?  If you’re looking for a simple and enterprising way to make some money or have a clear out – apply for a stall, and Let’s Get Ready to Jumble!

The Let’s Get Ready to Jumble market will be held in the Octagon on Wednesday 17th April, between 11am and 3pm, though stallholders will need to be available between 10am and 4pm on the day.  I am aiming to recruit 20 student stallholders, and applications are invited from both individuals and groups.  Stallholder applications are also welcome from societies or committees.  There will be opportunities for both profit-making jumble stalls as well as charitable jumble stalls, or a little of both if stallholders so wish.

If you’re interested in applying for a stall, simply fill in our very simple application form here.  The deadline for applications is 25th March.  I’ll be aiming to inform stallholders of successful applications by 27th March, so you’ll have plenty of time to get your jumble ready to sell.

Not only is Let’s Get Ready to Jumble a great money making opportunity, it will also look great on your CV and could potentially enhance your employability.  On top of that there is a competitive edge to the market – all stallholders can compete against each other to win the title of most enterprising stall.  The winner will win an Ebay for Dummies book to encourage further enterprising activities following the market!

So whether you’re an individual or a group, looking to make money for yourself, a charity or a society, get involved, apply for a stall, and Let’s Get Ready to Jumble!
PS. I’m mega, super keen for you to apply for a stall… can you tell?!
Many thanks to miss pupik and oskay for the images.

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