14 May 2013 - 10:19 am

Paying it forward

A few weeks ago I was just browsing my facebook newsfeed, as you do, and I came across a scheme that warmed my heart, and warms the bones of the homeless.  The scheme is called Suspended Coffees, and basically works to allow cafe customers to pay for their order, and in addition ‘pay forward’ for food or drink that a homeless person or someone in need can claim later in the day, or even at a later date.

suspended coffeesSuspended coffees
is based on an old Italian goodwill tradition which spread to Bulgaria.  The Suspended Coffees facebook page has over 75,500 likes, and thanks to such social media the scheme is now spreading at speed to cafes in the USA, Russia, Canada, Australia and Continental Europe, as well as across the UK.

The initiative is currently developing a website, and working on designing an app for smartphones.  For now however, the main point of contact is their facebook page.  The page encourages people to ask their local coffee shops or cafes to get involved in the scheme, while even corporate giants Starbucks are looking at getting involved.
suspended coffees signIf you can think of a cafe that you would like to be able to ‘pay forward’ in and suspend a coffee, or you run a coffee shop and would like to be involved why not email the scheme: suspendedcoffee@yahoo.ie.

suspended coffee mugIn the meantime, keep a look out for establishments with the Suspended Coffee logo in their window, they’re likely to start popping up.  There’s no pressure, but you could ‘pay forward’ and suspend a coffee – someone in need might really appreciate a hot drink or some warm food!


Many thanks to Suspended Coffee for the images.

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