1 May 2013 - 10:45 am

Let’s Get Crafty and USEme

So. It happened. The USE intern mega event actually happened. From our crazy initial idea storm during the staff training day last June – where the only thing we were completely adamant about having was a bouncy castle, and we were determined to call the event ‘Festiprise’ – to almost a year later, we’ve been planning and moulding our millions of ideas into something that’d really work.

On Wednesday the 17th of April we made our ideas happen. To be fair, at USE, that is kind of our speciality.

I kicked things off pretty well by forgetting I had an early morning – we all needed to be there as early as possible – and staying up until around 1am looking at funny pictures of animals on Buzzfeed. After grabbing a quick panic sleep I managed to rock up for 9am which, to be honest, I thought was pretty impressive.

Not ideal flyering weather. Really not ideal.

Anyway, I managed to sort my life out, cram down some bran flakes and don my ‘#weareenterprising’ t-shirt, before heading to the Octagon and starting prep with the other interns. Prep required a lot of tying laminated posters to lamposts, sticking up timetables and putting up our rather fetching yellow signs.

We also had to battle with the fact that the Octagon was near impossible to get to because of all the building work, so despite the gale force winds threw out a few flyers and chocolate bars and had a go at luring people in.

The stalls themselves were amazing. The crafters and jumble sellers were out in force with some great products – there were rumours flying around that Anna bought two dresses for £5 – and it was great to chat to stallholders about how long they’d been selling, and whether they were planning to get stuck in and craft a bit more.

I will never get lost in Rohan again. One of my craft fair purchases from stallholder Emma Owen.

Despite a lower footfall than we’d hoped for, the fair did pretty well. I think this was probably helped by the fact that I emotionally blackmailed a few of my friends into coming, who then absolutely loved it and spent a load of money, but having taken part in craft fairs before myself and made absolutely zilch I was really chuffed everyone managed to sell a few bits and pieces.

It was also really good fun to do something involving the entire intern team. Usually we all work on our own events and projects, occasionally getting eachother involved and working in groups of two or three, so it was really different to do something on such a big scale. While there might not have been thousands of people there, we put on an absolutely amazing event that did the whole team credit – anyone that didn’t come along and get involved really did miss out.

I also ate way too much chocolate from George’s chocolate prize stash, and then felt really sick for about two hours. You have to take the good with the bad, I guess.

What I found the most memorable about the event, though – other than the freaking awesome Lord of the Rings necklace I bought, obviously – was how it got me all emotional at the end. I’ve been here at USE for two years now and have been involved in tonnes of events, projects and presentations, but I realised that this bad boy would be the last. That said, I’m so happy that the last event I’ve held was run with the best work buddies I could wish for.

Much as I’ve tried to hang on as long as possible, my intern journey is coming to an end. And I still don’t know how to use Gannt Charts.

The intern team, plus Liz and minus Linda – #weareenterprising


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