21 June 2013 - 10:50 am

The return of the Ideas Bazaar

Hey, you there! Got some great ideas? You have? Cool. Fancy collaborating and getting yourself a nice wad of funding to make them happen?

Of course you do, and that’s where the Ideas Bazaar could help you out.

The Ideas Bazaar is coming back to town, rolling into Firth Court on the 18th of September this year. The free University event is for anyone with creative ideas, giving academics the chance to collaborate with artists and create joyous, wondrous love children of research and creativity. For the best creations, funding is also available.

Do you have a bright idea? (Thanks to jmawork for the image)

Do you have a bright idea? (Thanks to jmawork for the image)

After applying to get involved, participants are paired up by the ‘matchmaker’ Christopher Green, who will be compering the event and helping individuals to link together and work on projects.

Last year, psychologists teamed up with Magicians, scientists buddied up with filmmakers and staff and students from the Archaeology department collaborated with Point Blank theatre company to write and perform a play. If it sounds pretty mind-melting and wonderful, that’s because it is.

If you’d like to be involved just register as an attendee, where you can indicate which areas you’re particularly interested in, whether you’d like to be matched and, if you’ve had your eye on someone you reckon would work perfectly with you, you can add that, too. You can also register as an exhibitor if you already have stuff you’d like to show off.

The event is also a preamble to the Festival of the Mind 2014, where resultant projects will be showcased.

Deadline for attendee applications is the 6th of September, while exhibitors must register before the end of July.

Want to know more? Take a peep at the website for more information.


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