6 June 2013 - 11:39 am

Tweet your way to success…

You may already be using twitter but did you know that it can really help your career?
A recent article gave five top tips on how the social networking tool can help boost your career but what if you are just starting out? Here are my revised top three tips which are aimed at helping students and recent graduates to kick start their career.

It might not help you in your career... but make your own Twitter Bird

It might not help you in your career… but make your own Twitter Bird #awesome

Who do you follow?

Looking at my twitter feed, I have several different types of people/ organisations that I follow. There are my friends/family, IT based organisations (mainly centred around database and information collection), enterprise/ entrepreneurship organisations, the university twitter feeds and just things that make me laugh (have you heard of 50 Sheds of Grey?). This is a great strategy to use twitter because a potential employer can see what my interests are (and they are in different industries) and this makes you more open to more opportunities that you might not have previously thought

Follow Hash tags…

Have you been to a conference or did you take part in #vccoe? (Vice Chancellors celebration of enterprise? ). If you did- did you take part in our #vccoe #weareenterprise twitter campaign? If so, this could have helped you get noticed by top employers.

Retweeting is your friend

If you retweet, this is a great way to make yourself know in your industry. If someone has tweeted a great article or news piece, retweeting it allows you to give the thumbs up to the article but people will start following you because you know many different things about your industry.

Twitter is a great way of getting yourself out there and can be great for your digital footprint. Why not have a tweet today and see if you can get your career underway.

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