16 September 2013 - 11:05 am

Enterpreneurial musicians listen up!

You all know that we love enterprising individuals at USE, but I especially love it when someone entrepreneurial from the arts department comes along!… Enter Tierney Kirby, founder of a new company called CBWSM (Contemporary British Woodwind Sheet Music)!

Tierney has just graduated from her BMus course in music at the University of Sheffield and is now pursuing an exciting venture in music publishing. Her company CBWSM is an “ethical, innovative, no-boundaries publishing house with good rapport between both the composers and the buying public.” It’s lovely to see someone come out of the department with such an innovative idea which will be mutually beneficial for Tierney herself with her passion and enthusiasm  for new woodwind music, but also for the numerous young composers, coming out of university creating and developing wonderful music with no outlet and no way of distributing their pieces!

A photo of Tierney, founder of CBWSM

A photo of Tierney, founder of CBWSM

Tierney said “CBWSM aims to help drive forward innovation and progress in music through printing new works. It also aims to provide a way forward for contemporary British composers in this area for publication. CBWSM also strives to keep the composers’ wishes and intentions close to heart, be our inspiration in making new music and in return to provide as much advertising of their works on their behalf as possible.” This wonderful enterprise has already begun to take shape with a number of composers already lining up the pieces waiting to be part of this organisation. “The website is up and running and is taking pre-orders of pieces before the official launch on the 1st October.” I advise that anyone interested in music should take a look at this company because it is one of a kind in our local area.

Tierney originally got the idea for CBWSM by writing a business plan at University. She said: “I saw there was a gap in the market in having a sole website dedicated to publishing the sheet music of contemporary British woodwind composers and felt that this was an under served area of available repertoire of today’s performers.” She has set up the website (www.cbwsm.co.uk)

and has searched for appropriate emerging talents to publish on it – PR and marketing is key to building up the brand. Tierney said: “At the moment we have a number of composers from across the country involved with CBWSM. In a year’s time one hopes CBWSM has a steady, loyal customer base who also share CBWSM’s views of performing quality British woodwind music.”

CBWSM Home page

CBWSM’s new home page, check it out!

It was also lovely to hear that USE had played a role in the development of her idea! “I found out about USE funding from a fellow student at the University of Sheffield. I popped into the Enterprise Zone and they were really helpful and friendly, with meetings with business advisors available as well as vital funding.” Its amazing to hear some of the success stories that come out of USE advice and funding and I am excited to hear more about Tierney’s company as it grows!

Thanks to Tierney for the pictures.

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