29 November 2013 - 10:42 am

Why complaining pays.

British people do not like to complain about things. Fact? Well they don’t like to complain about things to the people who have given them cause to complain, they like to complain to their partner/friends/parents. But when it comes down to it why shouldn’t we complain to the bank/restaurant/electricity company that has caused us trouble. They caused us strife, why not get some compensation?

David cameron looking angry

Don’t be angry like this guy. Complain!

I’m not an advocate of complaining for the sake of it, having worked in retail I know that the most frustrating phrase to hear is “the customer is always right”, when lets face it, they clearly aren’t. But if the staff have been rude to you, the food has been terrible or you’ve been promised something that simply hasn’t happened, grab your pens/(computers) and take note. Most big companies will give you some sort of reimbursement, be that cash or a voucher, it’s worth it. Recently I had a terrible meal at *undisclosed restaurant* which is part of a big chain, its usually lovely but the food on this occasion was just rubbish! However, having received my angry feedback they responded with a very apologetic letter, saying they had taken my points into consideration and would do all they could to improve the food. Attached was a £15 voucher, result, a free meal on them. And although we were disappointed when the food was so bad, we will now go back and try it again in the hope that our complaint was considered.

If you find it difficult to complain to an actual person face to face (i.e. restaurant manager) write a letter. It gives you time to think about what you’re saying, phrase it correctly, and not get worked up and angry. The best way to do this is write down all the facts, when/where/what happened/any names you were given and most places (especially the bigger chains) will respond with an apologetic letter and possibly some sort of reimbursement.

SO don’t despair, don’t get aggravated. Just write it down, and who knows something lovely could be coming your way…


Thanks to Guillaume Paumier for the image

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