20 March 2014 - 11:53 am

Double (Or Even Triple) Feel-Good Effect

Is your office or dorm room dull? Or perhaps you are looking for a finishing touch that will liven up the décor? Or maybe you are searching for a great cause for donation because there is no better why to instantly lift your spirits? Perhaps you might be looking for a great gift for your parents and relatives (Mother’s Day is this Sunday, 30th March)?

Why not combine all of these into one?

In collaboration with RAG and Bummit I’m organising Charity Art Auction 2014 that is the first and one-time only opportunity to purchase original artwork in support of Sheffield charities. There is a range of artworks created by my mum who, as you might have seen, has been passionately commenting on every single one of my posts (thanks, Mama), and Peter Champneys’ grandparents who, I hear, are very prolific.

An oil canvas by Beata Lozinska. Title: Diamond in the Ash (Cosmic Journey)

This one is Chris’ favourite.
Come to the auction and pick your favourites!

My mum has always been a painter. Since I can remember. We have more family portraits than I can count. But professionally, she is an architect. She graduated from Architecture because her parents believed she wouldn’t have made it if she graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts (Have the times changed at all?). And now, it’s taken her 20 years to muster the courage and finally embrace who she really was – a full fledged artist, a painter and a self-made career woman.

She paints with colour, light and emotion. I love her paintings. When I look at them, happiness and joy just spread all over my body and my mood lightens up instantly. I find it really hard to let go of the paintings as I would love to keep them to myself. Just put them all on my white walls and stare at them, sipping champagne…

“ALL art is immortal,” said Oscar Wilde. There is no doubt that it has tremendous emotional and aesthetic value. But this time, the feel-good effect is tripled. For everyone. Not only can you purchase an original oil painting for a fraction of the price, but your money will actually go to those that need it most. We all like to feel good. Don’t miss this opportunity to make yourself feel thrice as good.

The supported charities are: Sheffield Young Carers, Cathedral Archer Project, The Sick Children’s Trust, Aquabox, and Trees for Cities. You can find out more about them here.

On a final note, you might be wondering why I’m doing this. I came up with this idea as part of Bummit fundraising. If you feel supportive, you can donate here. Any sum will bring me closer to achieving the goal. Why such a crazy idea? I say, why not? I cannot possibly miss this chance to spread happiness. I want to spread the love for art. I want to share the love for my mum’s paintings. I want to raise as much money for charity as possible. And I want to help everyone who donates not only feel good about donating but actually happy about keeping the painting as a reminder of their good-will.

Come and bid!


Key Dates

Silent Auction 24th – 28th March, 11-2pm in the Activities & Sports Zone

Live Auction 2nd April, 5-7pm in Coffee Revolution

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