27 March 2014 - 10:01 am

Enactus. What a funny word.

The time has finally come. I’ve been itching to write something about Enactus for so long but thought I should perhaps wait for the right moment. Heaven knows my family and friends are probably sick of the word by now (at least the remaining few friends I have who aren’t in Enactus) so that was another consideration. I’d quite like to keep my family and friends so bludgeoning them over the heads with Enactus 24/7 is something I’ve attempted to refrain from. However, turns out you guys have been typing Enactus in that little search box quite a lot recently so I’ve decided to throw caution to the wind and risk losing my loved ones by serenading writing about Enactus and why it’s just about the best thing since Pepsi Max made their bottles bigger for the same price (my true second love in life: Pepsi). What is Enactus? What do we do? Is it a Harry Potter spell? All good questions, let me explain. 

Nice logo right?

Firstly, despite sounding like something Hermoine and co. could’ve uttered amidst a fight with a dementor, Enactus is not a Harry Potter spell. It’s actually much more magical (GROAN). Enactus is a worldwide organisation of students, academics and business leaders all working together to use the power of enterprise to solve social issues in their local communities and occasionally internationally. Put simply, it’s social enterprise on a global scale, supported by massive global companies who can see and understand the great work students are doing across the world. Seriously look at that list. It’s like the illuminati if it was a real thing and was focussed on enabling social progress in troubled communities rather than putting shapes in popstar videos.

In the UK alone, there are 54 teams at universities across the country, amounting to 3000 students running 271 life changing projects in their local communities and abroad. Sheffield is in on the Enactus action too with our very own team here at the University of Sheffield. One of the larger teams in the country (at least in terms of members!) we run multiple projects in Sheffield that work with vulnerable need groups such as survivors of human trafficking and domestic abuse as well as the homeless. Enactus is all about empowerment, enabling progress through entrepreneurial action to make individual’s lives more positive. HOPE is one of our larger projects that works with survivors of human trafficking and survivors of domestic abuse. It’s not a quick fix to a complicated issue, but seeing the progress and effort from students that we know is doing wonders for the women in the project makes it all the more important.

Picture of Enactus Sheffield

I told you there were a lot of us.

Enactus Sheffield is currently gearing up (read: attempting to balance university with preparing an exciting 17 minute presentation) for the 2014 Enactus UK National Competition. If you see someone who looks a bit tired and a bit twitchy from caffeine shakes, give them a hug. They may just be in Enactus. (Disclaimer: I can’t take responsibility for what might happen if you actually hug a stranger). I will no doubt do another blog post-Nationals when I will be in a very fragile state, so THERE’S THAT TO LOOK FORWARD TO.

If you want to find out anything more about Enactus or even enquire about joining us, you can get in touch via our website at www.enactussheffield.org.

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