3 March 2014 - 10:36 am

I Love the Steelers!

On a Sunday night, one of my favourite things to do is head down to Sheffield Arena, to watch the Sheffield Steelers, Sheffield’s ice hockey team, who are actually quite good. However, there is a social enterprise side to my love affair with the Steelers. 

You might think that the £12 student ticket price is a bit steep for a few hours out (well this is half a weekly shop or very valuable beer money), however did you know that you can get tickets for £5 from the student union’s box office? That is a great saving of £7 on the student price. Why is this you might ask, Sheffield Enactus have struck an amazing deal with the ice hockey team which means that not only do you get discounted tickets, some of the profits from the tickets go to some of Enactus’ social projects.

Sheffield Steelers

Enactus? Isn’t that the student society? Well sort of- it is a student run social enterprise that supports disadvantaged groups both in Sheffield and internationally. One of their current international projects supports sex trafficked women in Nigeria to get reintegrated back into society. Enactus Sheffield has helped them establish a Shea Butter business where they produce the raw Shea Butter which then gets exported to the UK. This then goes to a safe house in Sheffield, where sex trafficked women in the UK, turn the raw Shea Butter into beauty products.  They also help them develop business skills so that they can get employment/carry on with the business after their placement. A worth while cause- I am sure you will agree.

If ice hockey is not your bag (firstly, who are you?  It is AMAZING), Enactus has also got a deal with the Sheffield Sharks, Sheffield’s basketball team (who again are one of the best in the country) where you can go to a match for £6.

So if you want to experience something new and want to support a great cause, get yourself down to the box office and buy a ticket.

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