2 April 2014 - 10:27 am

Enterprising Academics Wanted…

Have you got a special someone in your life? That enterprising academic that really makes your ideas happen? If so, why not nominate them for the most enterprising academic award at the Student Union’s Education Awards.

So what do we mean by most enterprising academic?

The duck that will keep me cool in the bath..

The duck that will keep me cool in the bath..

We are looking for the person that might have encouraged you to be innovative. When I was an undergraduate (a long while ago now :-)), I had to develop a product that would solve a problem that I had in my everyday life.  I frequently burnt myself in the bath, so I decided to come up with a duck whose beak’s colour change to reflect the temperature of the bath water.

Have you worked with a community group who needs help to develop their offer to society or to be sustainable? For example, a few years ago, on our module Making Ideas Happen, we worked with Heeley City Farm to help them find new revenue streams in which they could make their farm more financially sustainable.

Have you developed your enterprise skills from a wide range of workshops throughout your degree? Another one the modules, I took part in allowed me to set up my own fictitious business (in my case, it was a business consultancy company) and this allowed me to develop all sorts of skills. For example, I learned how to make my own cash flow forecasts, marketing strategies as well as good communication skills.

All of these things are hugely enterprising, so if you think that your course and academic is like this, nominate them. All you need to complete the nomination form at the Education Awards website and select the USE Enterprise Award category. Closing date is this Friday, so you will need to get your skates on. We will release details about the winner later in the year.


Thanks to Daniel Rothamel for the image

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