17 April 2014 - 10:47 am

Investing in your future

If you read our blog a lot, you will know that there are many things that I love…Ice hockey, chickens and societies, which brings me onto one of the really interesting things that one of the USE supported societies does…

Do you know we have an investment society (USIS) at the University of Sheffield? They are a society of students that look at the rise and fall of the stock market and thanks to a kind donation by one of University of Sheffield’s alumni; they get to pay the stock market with real money.

Stock marketReal money?!? Yes, they trade in real stocks and shares on the market, with the main aim of trying to make more money which gets invested into the Archaeology Department, USE as well as the society. They have been doing really well and as a society they get a healthy amount of funds added to their account each year.

This is pretty exciting and it is a very unusual thing for any investment society to have the opportunity to do.  So how do they decide which companies to invest in? Well they produce market reports each month  to see what the market is like during that time and what they should invest in. Hot topics this month are:  is the UK in a housing bubble? Was the cost of the Sochi Winter Games worth it? Is China’s debt uncontrollable?

USIS is one of the great societies that you can get involved with as it allows you to develop all sorts of different skills that you wouldn’t normally have the chance to do. For example, in this USIS project, you could develop your research skills, debating skills as well as having the practical experience of trading shares… Pretty cool eh?! All of these things really help towards your employability, so when you graduate- you have got more of those all important skills that employers are looking for.

(Thanks to Andreas Poike for the image)

EDIT: the original text referred to USIS as a ‘band of brothers’ however it was brought to our attention that this could be misconstrued to mean that the society is made up only of men, which is not the case! We are sorry if you read the original text and got that impression. That wasn’t our intention 🙂

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