6 May 2014 - 5:15 pm

Students + lecturers + gunge = lives saved

Quite the title, right? Well Rob, now you’ve got to explain how your somewhat strange equation makes any kind of sense. How do you save lives through students, lecturers and gunge?

gunge a linguist photo

64 litres of the stuff. Surprisingly cold too.

Last year, during a discussion with my lecturer about ways we could raise money for Enactus Sheffield, the idea of bathing in a bath of beans came up. Now whilst I’m quite partial to a can of beans on toast, bathing in them seemed a) a bit anti-climactic (what do you do in a bath of beans? Wave at people? Pose for photos? Bring a portable stove and start charging around lunch time?) and b) unlikely to gain much support from people outside of my social circles. Eventually the idea developed into something that would span my whole school (The School of English) and be a pretty exciting event. Thus, Gunge a Linguist was born and after weeks of planning and a week of heavy promoting, the whole event managed to raise over £2000! This was bolstered by a very generous donation by the Vice Chancellor, which just goes to show you how big the event spread. Importantly, all the money raised from the event went towards the HOPE Nigeria project from Enactus Sheffield, helping to prevent vulnerable women in Nigeria from human trafficking by providing economic opportunities to lift them above the poverty line. The event was a huge success and clearly –  just from looking at the photos – you could tell everyone was extremely happy with being gunged so that was another (unexpected) plus.

Blankets for Bolivia

Blankets for Bolivia

This year, Gunge a Linguist is back – but with a twist. Seeing the success of the event last year, four courageous lecturers have volunteered to pair up with a student from each level of the School and join in the fun. They money raised this year will all go towards the Blankets for Bolivia project – again from Enactus Sheffield – which will help to save thousands of lives across Nepal in the upcoming international expansion. Helping to combat neo-natal hypothermia, the project will offer temperature relief blankets made entirely out of recycled crisp packets, helping to save thousands of lives in the process. Social enterprise at its very strongest, wouldn’t you agree?

If you fancy seeing a University lecturer and their student team-mate getting gunged (let’s be honest, who doesn’t?) then you can vote now at www.allaboutlinguistics.com/gunge or even just donate if you don’t particularly want the guilt of sending someone to be gunged (yeah right…). All proceeds go towards Enactus Sheffield and the Blankets for Bolivia project, so you’re helping to support sustainable student social enterprise too!

One final thing? I’d really appreciate it if you didn’t vote for me. I was already gunged last year, it’s only fair that someone else gets the chance, right?

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