26 July 2014 - 10:47 am

My first time…

The secret’s out. This is my first ever time blogging for USE!!!

And, if by any chance, you were hoping for a story about that sort of first time (yes, I know you know what I mean), I’m sorry for any deception or disappointment. But… like a story about that sort of first time, this may be slightly awkward as far as first times go. But like anything that is awkward and potentially hide-under-a-rock-kind-of-cringe-worthy (I’m very familiar with this feeling), you just gotta grit your teeth and get over it. So here goes nothing…

Photograph of the author eating an ice cream.

In my natural habitat – eating.

Hello there! My name is Alice and next year I will be going into my third year studying English Language and Literature.  The words ‘THIRD YEAR’ scare me sooooo much. I’m not at ALL ready for even the remotest realisation that I am close to my final year of university.  (Cue the tears and loud sobs that follow.)

But enough of that for now.

On the other happy and wonderful side of things, I am lucky enough to be one of the two summer interns for USE this year as well as the marketing intern for the next academic year! So as you can probably guess, I love USE and all things enterprise!

Over the summer and in my final year, I’ll be spending a lot of time around the big yellow building, especially considering I am also a Vice President of AIESEC Sheffield – an organisation of students based at the USE building (but that’s another story for another time).

When I’m not at USE, you can expect me to be doing so many productive things like binging on American T.V shows, films and YouTube videos. (And, yes that does include videos of cats laughing or Pomeranian puppies air swimming – I’m not ashamed.) In terms of T.V, I am in the middle of Breaking Bad. Yes, I know I’m late to join the bandwagon – no spoilers please!!!

Oh and of course I will be doing my uni work too, have to make that £9,000 worth the while and all. (Is it bad that I nearly forgot about that?) Whoopsie – swiftly moving on…

In my first year, I had little experience with what the university had to offer (some may call it laziness, I prefer “settling in”). So when I started my second year, I decided to move off my butt and throw myself into more things. Having now completed my second year, and much to my surprise, I can honestly say I did this – nice little pat-myself-on-the-back-kind-of-moment.

One of the things I got involved with was the wonders of USE, which helped to widen my perspective of enterprise (and not to mention gain valuable experience for my CV *fist pump*). Now I’m an intern here, I can’t wait to be a part of such an innovative workplace and to make more students aware to all of the glorious things we have to offer! I hope it’s come across that I’m very excited for my upcoming year at USE and if you ever pop into the yellow building expect to find me welcoming you with a big ol’ smile!

You know what? That surprisingly went a lot quicker than I expected! Blogging isn’t so bad after all! To celebrate, I’ll leave you with entertainment at it’s best -enjoy!!



  1. Munny says:

    Aww well done Alice, can’t tell you enough how proud I am. This was sucha cute read and I cannot wait to read your next blog 🙂

    (P.s. air swimming Pomeranian puppy ftw)

  2. Alice Turton says:

    Thanks Munny! Means a lot!

    Hahah definitely agreed – Pomeranian puppies are the best! 😀

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