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So, you have finished your course for the year (or forever), been away for a few weeks with family or friends and you have nothing planned till September. You have come to the realisation that you can watch too much Jeremy Kyle and that your reading list for next year on Quantum Mechanics is (long pause) epic (not). What can you do over the summer?

Don’t be afraid, I will grab my super hero cape (I would like to think it is bright orange) and rescue you from your few weeks of boredom.. The term might be over but there are still things that you can get involved in.

Make this summer count

Make this summer count

Firstly, get and register for the Online Summer School. This course is done remotely, so wherever you are, you can take part. On day one, we look at what is enterprise, why it is so important and then you produce a creative piece to show what you think  enterprise is. Then of day two, we look at what are the different forms of business are and how you would scope out a business idea. You then submit a business model canvas of your idea. This takes places over the last 2 weeks of August but you can register NOW to take part . Last year, our tickets sold out- so get in quick.

Many people are involved in running societies. If this is you, we can offer you a lot of support over the summer to help you get your project off the ground. This could be looking for support getting sponsorship, planning in fact anything you think is vital in order to make your society a success. We can also help you apply for your ESSA (Enterprising Student Societies Accreditation) too.

Why not discover eBay? Everyone has a load of stuff they no longer want. Why don’t you have a look at selling it on eBay and get a bit of cash for next year. I did this last year and got over £100 on several items that I no longer needed and put the money towards things I actually wanted (such as books- which brings me onto another thing- why not read that book that you have been wanting to read forever?)

Enjoy the summer, but make sure that you can make that you make the most of it too and we have got a load of ways to help you do this.

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