31 August 2014 - 10:53 am

Sheffield is Startup City of the Month!

No really, this isn’t something I’ve just made up because I want it to be true. Online self-starter society and platform, Startacus, has named Sheffield ‘Startup City of the Month’ for September and they’re looking for content contributions from movers, shakers, meetup and event organisers, entrepreneurs, founders and entrepreneurial policy makers in Sheffield. What a great opportunity for us to show the world why they should be starting up in Sheffield!


Proof I’m not lying…

From excellent events and meetups to awesome accelerators and co-working spaces, the startup eco-system in Sheffield is growing daily and becoming increasingly cohesive with every addition. In fact, this opportunity really couldn’t have come at a better time. This September also sees the return of the awesome MADE Entrepreneurs Festival, a whole week of core festival events, amazing keynote speakers, and exceptionally high quality fringe events. Running from 22-26 September, there’s a whole host of things startup to sink your teeth into.

But back to this content thing. I would urge anybody who reads this and has a Sheffield startup story to tell to take half an hour and sit down and write something. Even if it’s just a couple of hundred words about a startup moment you’ve had in the last year, get it down on paper and send it through to the guys at Startacus. Not only could you get yourself a nifty byline, but you’ll also be doing your bit to promote Sheffield as the wonderful, vibrant, startup city that it is.

Content ideas include:

  • Your startup’s story – why did you start up in Sheffield? What has your experience like? Why has it been the best place for you?
  • Have you attended a particularly cool event in Sheffield that sparked your entrepreneurial spirit? (Startup Weekend, Hack the City, etc.)
  • Have you been through the Dotforge accelerator?
  • Have you accessed entrepreneurial support at your University or College in Sheffield. How are the educational institutions contributing to the startup scene?
  • Accessed support through Sheffield Enterprise Agency, the council, Solutions for Business? Write about it!
  • Raised funding in Sheffield?
  • Organise an event or meetup?
  • Met co-founders here?
  • Member of a co-working space? What’s cool about it?

As I write every single one of those article ideas, another person springs to mind. So I know we have a lot of startup stories to tell from Sheffield. But historically we’re pretty bad at blowing out own trumpet. Well, let’s be proud of how freaking awesome we are this month and let everybody know about it. Share this blog post with people you know who have cool stories and encourage them to write in too.

At the end of the day, it’s really about having a better month than Manchester :p Only kidding. But not really.

Send all stories and article through to iam@startacus.net with the subject of Sheffield Startup City Story and address the email to Eoin.

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