15 September 2014 - 10:00 am

Calling all societies

Here at USE, we know that you do some pretty enterprising stuff when you are running a society. You are constantly putting on events and fundraising for those one off purchases whilst having fun in the process.

Recruitment poster for the American Army  with 'US Army' crossed out and 'Enterprise' inserted instead. Reads: 'I WANT YOU FOR ENTERPRISE. NEAREST RECRUITMENT STATION.'

We need you for Enterprise

Every year, USE sponsors five societies £100 each to recognise the enterprising things that you do and it can be spent however you want it to be. We also allow you to use our space for committee meetings and to get any other support that you need throughout the year. On top of this, every society that applies for this funding will get entered in for a RBS ESSA (Enterprising Student Societies Accreditation). This externally recognised award allows you to show all of the skills that you have developed whilst working on your societies to graduate employers.

So…do you only sponsor super enterprising societies like Sheffield Entrepreneurs or Enactus?

No! We sponsor any society from the University of Sheffield. You just need to prove how enterprising you are.  This doesn’t have to mean that you have turned your society into a limited company; we want you to tell us about all of the projects that you run, the events that you put on and, more importantly, the skills that you have developed in the process.

Last year, one of the societies we sponsored was SingSoc. They used the money to put on more concerts which, in turn, allowed them to generate more money for their society. We also supported Islamic Circle to carry out a volunteering project in a local school which helps girls from disadvantaged backgrounds to develop their confidence.  The possibilities are endless.

Sounds Amazing? Well why not apply for an award at our societies sponsorship page?

Don’t worry if you have missed out on this opportunity, you can still apply for an ESSA Accreditation without applying for the sponsorship. In fact, that is what SUDSS (Sheffield University Dental Student’s Society) did last year when they applied for an ESSA Award for the BDSA (British Dental Students’ Association) Conference they put on in 2014. Because the event was a resounding success, they won an ESSA Award for the Most Improved Professional Development Programme of the year and won an amazing £1000 of funding. So huge congratulations to SUDSS!


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