23 October 2014 - 1:58 pm

Academics! Make this year your most innovative yet

To all our University of Sheffield teachers and academics – welcome to 2014/15! Well, it’s been going a while now really, but we thought we’d let you at least get your breath, after the hectic first few weeks of term. So, here we go…

Did you know, this new academic year could be your most innovative yet? This is the year in which you could develop, tweak, grow, shape, or even transform your teaching, helping to develop your students’ capabilities of enterprise, leadership, innovation and collaboration – all the while keeping your academic discipline firmly at the centre of the learning experience.

back view of three academics gazing at a whiteboard on which is written 'Hints and Tips'Yes, it could indeed be a year of exciting possibilities, but the right support could make those possibilities realities. Come along to our free event on Wednesday 29th October to learn more about what the University of Sheffield Enterprise Academy (USEA) can do for you. We could tell you all about it ourselves, but instead we’ll let those we have already worked with tell you the tale.

We’ve done this before in our blog – take a look at Dr Giles Harrington’s post  for a great case study of how one of the university’s staff members embedded enterprise into the curriculum in a way that worked for him.

At our event, you’ll hear from a number of different members of teaching staff about the developments they have made in their taught curricula in order to provide subject-relevant, contextualised enterprise capability development opportunities for their students, as well as how they have been supported – in ways large and small – by USEA.

You’ll also hear from some of their students about the direct impact it has had on their studies and career choices.

The event kicks off at 12:30 with lunch (of course!) and a chance to network. Then at 1:00, the members of staff will deliver their short presentations on their curriculum development. The event finishes at 2:00, but USEA staff will be there until 3:00, hosting an informal ‘drop-in’ where you can talk to them about anything – plans and ideas, worries and fears, and questions (practical or philosophical).

If you’d like to come, please sign up via our registration page here

This is so we can plan our catering, and you can tell us about any dietary or access requirements.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Ali, Anna, Gary

PS: To see some more examples of the many ways in which USEA has already supported academics, visit our USEA case studies and Enterprise Curriculum Development Grant webpages.

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