27 October 2014 - 12:31 pm

Fancy a trip to New York to ring the NASDAQ bell?

I can hardly contain myself. It seems like such a long time since we had a Startup Weekend in Sheffield. The last one was in March and the time has just flown by since then. Luckily for me, I got involved in plenty of startup stuff in Vegas in May and had the amazing opportunity to facilitate Startup Weekend: Art Edition in London at the beginning of this month. Combined with the monthly Startup in the Pub meetups and last month’s Entrepreneurs’ Pub, I’ve certainly been getting my startup fix. But nothing quite compares, does it, to the awesome nature of a full-on Startup Weekend Sheffield.

And we’re pretty well organised this time. Well, we always are of course. But we’re even surprising ourselves with how awesome this event is going to be. We’re still nearly a month out and yet we have five awesome coaches, three high-profile judges, and our keynote speaker all lined up for you guys. We’ve sold 50% of all available tickets and we’re on track to sell out, we’ve got food and beer sponsors for the Friday night (thanks Razorjam – we love you!), and we’ve even ordered some juggling balls, hula hoops and spinning plates for the Saturday night… that’s not for you. We need to keep our volunteers entertained… oh ok, we’ll let you play too.

And then, what do I receive in my inbox this morning, but yet MORE AMAZING NEWS. Wait for it, this is big.

As you may know, the November Startup Weekends are some percentage more awesome than all other Startup Weekends simply because they gain you entry as an attendee into the biggest entrepreneurship competition in the worldGlobal Startup Battle – we would say ‘in the universe’ but we can’t be 100% sure we’re alone and that in some far away galaxy there’s not an even more awesome (but very weird looking) bunch of alien entrepreneurs competing on a global stage. Ahem… anyway.

So, back to that amazing news. The first lot of prizes have been announced for the Champion’s Track of the Global Startup Battle. How about the following:

  1. Startup Oasis during SXSW
    Stay with the UP Global team in Austin, TX. They’ll support you the whole week with stage time, introductions, mentors, and sweet digs near all the action.
  2. Booth at CES Eureka Park
    CES is the Global Stage For Innovation, as a winner your team will be front and center in Eureka Park with all the best new startups from around the world.
  3. LAUNCH Conference
    We’ll set you up at one of Silicon Valley’s premiere places to launch, last year’s speakers/attendees included Mark Cuban and Travis Kalanick.
  4. Ring the Bell: NASDAQ
    A trip to New York city for a media tour capped off with a ringing of the legendary closing bell.

Sound good? Piqued your interest? Well, there’s only one way to be in with a chance of winning them. And the first step is registering for Startup Weekend Sheffield, building an awesome team around a great idea, and getting as much insight from the coaches and judges as possible.

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