8 October 2014 - 2:08 pm

Project Management Starts Here

Are you running a society but not sure what to do? Working on a group project but struggling with some aspects of it? Thinking about getting your Bummit fundraising off with a bang? If so, Skill Build can help you.

Skill Build is changing this year but don’t worry- it is for the better. This semester, we have revamped our Skill Build programme so that it is centred on a project management tool (The Project Canvas), which you can use for ANY (yes I mean any) project that you will ever want or need to do.  The project canvas is a great tool which allows you to scope out a project and think of all of the considerations, but in a really easy method. It breaks down each of the major items such as who your main users are, what your project goals are, and what the risks are that your project faces.

Is this the best way to raise money for RAG?

Is this the best way to raise money for RAG?

Don’t worry if you haven’t come across the tool before, we will go over the canvas in the first session and then, in subsequent lectures, we will talk in more detail about each of the boxes on the canvas.   Skill Build is both HEARable and is eligible for the Sheffield Graduate Award. In order to get this recognition, you need to attend 5 of the 6 lecturers and successfully pass the assignment.

An assignment? Yes, we ask you to do an assignment in order to test your understanding of the project management tool as well as all of the skills that you have developed as part of the course. But we do try to make it as fun as possible! The assignment consists of two parts.  The first part asks you to plan a fictitious fundraising activity for RAG (Raising and Giving). This can be anything from money collecting on the concourse to a Battle of the Bands night at the Student’s Union. The only limit is your imagination. The second part of the assignment asks you to complete some employer questions using the STAR  method. These are ideal for when you start to apply for your graduate jobs as they give you a taste of what is in store.

Want to get involved and build your skills? Check out the registration page . Skill build is brought to you by USE but is co-delivered by 301:The Student Skills and Development Centre and The Careers Service as well.


  1. Sophia says:

    Could you please help me to register for Skill build? ta

  2. Liz says:

    All you need to do is register at the bottom of this page:-


  3. Ahsan Ali says:

    Can i still enroll?

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