26 October 2014 - 3:42 pm

Back at USE!

Hi everyone, I’m back as a USE intern for a second year YAY. Another year filled with projects, blogs and, above all, enterprise. This year I have a new intern role – a role which hasn’t been available before. I am now the schools intern, quite apt if you consider last year I was the embedded enterprise intern – I have another role which involves education and learning. I can’t wait to get started.

As the schools intern I will be working with the outreach team at the university to deliver enterprising activities to school pupils throughout the year. I did help out with some similar activities to this last year, such as running pitching workshops, judging on a Dragons Den style panel and workshopping moodboards. It was all brilliant fun and all of the children and students I worked with were really creative and keen, giving me a great sense of achievement when I watched them pitch their ideas in front of their peers.

This year, I will be working alongside Sheffield City Council to support parts of the Big Challenge including the Make your Mark Challenge. This is exciting and I can’t wait to get involved with some of the young entrepreneurs from the city.

A picture of the christmas market last year.

The lovely reindeer at our christmas market last year.

I’m also hoping to get involved with some of the other intern projects that will be running this year as well! I’m looking forward to the christmas market again. Hopefully, I can be more involved on the planning team this time.

I also can’t wait to meet the creative people who come into the zone with their business ideas – it’s amazing to see someone come in at the beginning of the year with an idea and by the end of the year they can have a fully fledged business up and running.
Overall there will be some tough challenges this year, like writing my final year dissertation and finding a job to do at the end of all this – but i’m looking forward to another year as a USE intern.

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