4 November 2014 - 2:29 pm

USE Christmas Market… Will there be a reindeer!?

So it’s that time of the year again, when shops fill up with Christmas trees, tiny Santas and fairy-lights galore, and everyone is starting to get excited about Christmas! It is also the time when, at USE, we are getting ready for our very own, annual Christmas Market! This event is a great opportunity for all enterprising and creative students/societies, who are ready to let the world know about what they do.

Now, I love christmas markets, and I have probably been to at least a dozen just in the last couple of years (Oxford, Manchester, Leeds, York, Sion and so on…), and I am telling you, you do not want to miss the USE one!

A lit up carousel at a christmas market

Oxford Christmas Market at the Oxford Castle

So what is the USE Christmas Market?

It is a chance for you (or your society) to come in to a pre-prepared christmas market set up, display your products on one of our stalls, and sell! So whether you are a keen jewellery maker, or want to do a bake sale for your society, come along. Bring – display – sell. Be enterprising!

So what will we do?

We want to show off our lovely USE, our Interns, and what we are about. We will provide you with a space (a stall) to set up and sell your stuff, we will advertise the event for you, and on the day, we’ll give out some free mince pies too (to entice more custom of course)!

 And why should you do it?

To show off your creativity, sell your goods, and gain (or improve!) skills, like:

  • money and time management
  • negotiation
  • customer service
  • communication
  • buying and selling

You can also MAKE money, help a charity by donating some of your takings, and earn the Sheffield Graduate Award (Enterprise section).

In previous years we had many creative and enterprising students take part in our Christmas Market, and just a few of the great ideas were: hand-made jewellery, knitted goods, Christmas cards, mugs and tie-dye clothing. This December it is all up to you! What will you bring (and sell!)?

A picture of a pair of hand-knitted gloves and a scarf

My knitting endeavours… I’m seriously thinking of saving a stall for myself!

Another BIG question is… will we have a reindeer!? You may be aware, that, in the previous years, we had some lovely four-legged friends come in, to help us bring the Christmas spirit to our participants and customers… but will there be a reindeer this year? Keep your fingers crossed that the SU says YES! I most certainly will, I LOVE reindeer!

So, if you’re interested in setting up a stall, or just want to come in and browse, watch this space (or the USE website) to find out more details about the up-coming Christmas Market and any news on the reindeer. 🙂

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