14 November 2014 - 10:13 am

Enactus Sheffield: Most Inspirational in the World!

Here at USE, we are extremely proud of our Enactus team. They have an outstanding commitment to making the world a better place by using entrepreneurial projects to combat social issues. And it’s not just us who think so. Enactus Worldwide have named Enactus Sheffield the Most Inspirational Team worldwide.  But what is their story? Why did they win this prestigious award?

Back in April, The University of Sheffield Enactus Team won the Enactus UK National Competition.  They competed against other UK teams, presenting their social projects to large audiences.  The prize was the opportunity to showcase their projects at Enactus World Cup, alongside other national competition winners.

Then, in October, Enactus Sheffield descended to Beijing, China to present their projects to judges from across the globe.  Despite being knocked out in the semi-finals of the competition (by the eventual winners , Enactus China), their social projects, as well as their support for other teams during the World Cup, led to them winning the Most Inspirational Team award.

Enactus Sheffield prides itself on supporting tEnactus Team in Chinahe people who need support the most, both in Sheffield and across the globe. The projects they presented at Enactus World Cup include Tapping Potential and HOPE, both of which are life changing projects for the beneficiaries involved. You can see why they so so inspiring…

Tapping Potential is a social enterprise that Enactus Sheffield has established in Zambia. Tapping Potential, aims to provide communities with access to clean water, soap and medicine to combat one of the biggest threats in Zambia, Diarrhoea. When conducting their needs assessment, they found that charities were great at installing water pipes so that communities could get fresh water but they did not maintain them, leaving communities without safe drinking water. In the water section of the business, Tapping Potential works with the local community to restore the water source and then they sell it for an amount that is agreed by the local community. The same local entrepreneurs also produce different soaps for both the tourist market and local people. A percentage of both of these businesses go towards the medicine part of the project which provides free rehydration sachets to the local community. This project has been such a success that Enactus Sheffield is looking at spreading this out into other communities across Zambia.

HOPE, is a cosmetics and jewellery business which helps ex-sex trafficked women in Sheffield reintegrate into society. This includes a 1-2-1 mentoring programme, skill development classes and practical work experience. At the end of the programme, the women have various options which include going into education, starting a business or going into employment. Enactus Sheffield has further supported these women by offering them short term employment.  To date, Hope has worked with 133 women, 54 of which have gone on to use the skills they developed independently.

These projects are not just one offs. Enactus Sheffield works with the community to give them skills and resources which will last a life time. Women who had no future now have jobs, people in Zambia have gained knowledge and are providing support to the community that is saving lives. Congratulations Enactus Sheffield on your award- I have never been so proud.

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