12 November 2014 - 11:00 am

What did you do last summer?

With the bleak autumn/winter skies, the freezing winds, and the rain – such rain; you would be forgiven for forgetting that less than 2 months ago we were still on our summer break. It feels like the depths of winter are approaching, so I’m going to reminisce about what I did in summer  and hope that the sky brightens up by the time I’ve finished…

A little beef tomato I grew in my garden.

A little beef tomato I grew in my garden.

The first and, I have to say, craziest thing I did this summer happened on the day of my final exam of the year – I bought a house! Not just me on my own, me and my lovely boyfriend – so for much of the summer we did a lot of painting, decorating, cleaning, scrubbing and gathering of furniture and other such necessities. We started implementing some of the ideas I mentioned in my Upcycling blog post, and we removed a bidet from our bathroom which is now going to be a plant pot. It is a great thing to have a space of your own and four months in I think we are doing well – still doing some decorating on weekends and sourcing furniture from friends and relatives, but we actually have a real, liveable house now and I love it! We have a cute little garden which we tamed and have planted some plants in and I have actually managed to grow something edible – a tomato! So hopefully by this time next year we will have grown a whole crop of different vegetables for the winter.

A museum covered in surf boards

Some interesting architecture.

The next thing we did was go travelling around the mediterranean on a lovely sunny cruise – we visited lots of beautiful places and got sunburnt of course. One of the most interesting buildings we saw was a museum covered in surf boards in Lisbon! Continuing on our travels we then hopped on a plane to the sunshine state – Florida. There we did what any sensible young adults would do… we went to Disney Land and The Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

Me dressed as a wizard.

Me loving my life as a wizard in diagon alley.

I can honestly say I think I was enjoying myself more than all of the little children – we went to the Magic Kingdom, safari-d round the Animal Kingdom, went to Space at the Epcot centre and to the Twilight Zone in the Hollywood Studios. I had such a brilliant time – the weather was gorgeous and, to top it off, I got to dress as a wizard. It is at times like these that you cant hold back on the souvenir purchasing – we bought a wand, chocolate frogs, a Minnie Mouse apron and about 50 magnets amongst other highly useful things, but I really did have a brilliant time.

I also watched The Great British Bake Off – brilliant. I love cooking and baking and totally love all the great tips you pick up, it is becoming quite an institution now, everyone loves it. Here at USE we were discussing whether we could run a mini intern project The Great USE Bake off and get all of the members of staff to bake amazing cakes. And then eat them all. I think its a good plan. SO in the spirit of all the cooking and baking programmes I watched I also did some myself and  have been practicing being the in-house chef at home. I think I’m getting pretty good at it.

Mickey mouse shortbread.

Mickey mouse shortbread

Finally, I turned 21. DUN DUN DUUUN. The age we stop ageing as my friends call it. So now apparently I have to be a proper grown up and do proper grown up things like start worrying what I do when the education I have been in for 17 years suddenly comes to an abrupt and very final halt. These three years pass so quickly, it doesn’t seem like two minutes since I was a brand new fresher, new to sheffield and new to university, I can’t quite believe that in about 8 or 9 months I will be graduating. But enough of that – I’m still a student who will spend her time procrastinating by baking and cooking and generally not doing her dissertation.

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