22 January 2015 - 12:38 pm

Add a 100ml of enterprise… a guide to improving your enterprise experience


The aim of this report (blog) is to detail simple ways of improving curricular enterprise experience of every student at the University of Sheffield (and to show off my superior lab report writing skills).


Embedded Enterprise (EE) is enterprise learning made available to students of all degrees, and is taught as part of degree-specific modules. EE allows students to gain six skills essential to future success attainment:

1) Innovation

2) Creativity

3) Leadership

4) Risk-taking

5) Authentic problem-solving

6) True collaboration.

The University of Sheffield Enterprise Academy (USEA; Figure 1) is a part of the University of Sheffield (UOS), and is responsible for the delivery of support and development opportunities in the field of Enterprise Education. This support and development is available to those who teach at any level at The University of Sheffield. Together, USEA and UOS, aim to provide each student with opportunities to engage with enterprise within the curriculum, and to produce graduates, who are able to use their capabilities to implement innovative change, momentum and value in any career they choose (The University of Sheffield, 2012).

The focus of this report is placed on the establishment of the means available for creating satisfactory, curricular enterprise experience at UOS.


Figure 1. The University of Sheffield Enterprise Academy logo.


1. Find Super Savvy Student (SSS).

2. Allow SSS to realise that student’s learning experience (including enterprise learning experience) greatly depends on that student’s willingness to voice their opinions on their learning experience.

3. Put multiple SSSs in one room (30 SSSs recommended).

4. Ensure room temperature of 21 degrees Celsius.

5. Add refreshments at a ratio SSS : refreshments = 1 person : 500g

6. Allow sufficient time to for all SSSs to become full (30 min recommended, but dependant on SSS type, so must be checked every 5 min).

7. Add Willing Enterprise Educator (WEE) (adjust the number of WEEs to be equal to the SSSs number).

8. Stir vigorously for 2h.

9. Check stirring was successful and opinions on enterprise in curriculum are produced by both SSSs and WEEs.

9. Add more refreshments (as above).

10. Collate results and simultaneously present them to SSSs and WEEs.



Simple procedures leading to improving student experience of Embedded Enterprise Education do exist, and one of such procedures was presented in this report. The success of this and similar methods relies on SSSs and WEEs working together to improve their curriculum (Nibbs et al., 2014). However further research is necessary to ensure the effectiveness of the presented method.

Test subjects for such research project are required, and will be rewarded with food and freebies (F&F).

To ensure you’re our next SSS, and that you don’t miss out on your F&F, book now for the USEA run event – “A Matter of Course” (24 Feb 2015 12:30 – 16:00; Figure 2).

conversation bubbles on an orange graph paper background

Figure 2. A Matter of Course – book your place now.


This blog was successfully written at room temperature of 21 degrees Celsius. Simple ways of improving curricular enterprise experience for every student at UOS were established, and further research is necessary to validate their effectiveness.


Thanks to Melstampz for the use of their picture (Figure 2) and brickdisplaycase.com for the featured image.

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