21 March 2015 - 2:34 pm

Reclaim your Lunch Break

So I am probably the worst person for doing this… I get a little too engrossed in my work and don’t want to stop doing whatever the thing might be… but now is the time to take action, I need to reclaim my lunch hour.

According to this article, only three in 10 people actually take a lunch break even though it is proven to reduce stress in the workplace, help you be more productive and help you maintain a better work/life balance. But if I give myself a task to do in my lunch break, surely this will help me break the vicious cycle of the lack of lunch breaks? Here are a few suggestions to help you maximise your lunch breaks between lectures and revitalise…

#1 Reduce your stress

Perform better in your seminars by reducing your stress. The University Counselling Service offers weekly drop in sessions where you can learn all sorts of relaxation techniques which will help you in everyday life. These include breathing exercises, meditation and relaxation techniques. They are on most Tuesday afternoons- check out the Stress reduction and Relaxation website for more information.

This is not the way forward....

This is not the way forward….

#2 Scope out your next big idea.

Here at USE, we have our ideas space. This is where you can go a bit crazy and write all over the walls. This is great if you have an idea for a new project or business as it allows you to see your thinking without being confined to a specific structure. If it is a product that you are thinking of developing, we have got LOADS of Lego in which you can build a prototype of your idea. The room is unbookable and there is a timer on the wall so you don’t lose half of your day.

#3 Brush up those creativity skills

Did you know that in the students union, they have a wet area where you can go and just get messy. This might be a much better option when getting your paints out instead of having to worry about how to get things out of your carpet or the thoughts of would I lose my deposit. There is also a music room in the union equipped with a piano, so if music is more your bag and you haven’t got a space to practice at home, this is the place for you. Both are booked thorough the activities and sports zone.

#4 catch up with what is happening on campus.

I have worked at the university for the past five years and one thing that I have always found is that there is always something going on that you can get involved in. This could be World Week, Fair trade Fortnight or Student Employability week. How do you find out about all of these things? All of the Forge Media streams of course. So grab yourself a coffee, switch on Forge Radio, grab your copy of Forge Press or check out the Forge website to find out what is happening on campus near you.

Lunch breaks are called lunch breaks for a reason. They should be a break from what you are doing so that you can recharge your batteries and be more productive in the afternoon. Have a go at some of these tips and see where your lunch break can take you.

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