30 April 2015 - 2:37 pm

Keep calm… Summer is around the corner

Spring is definitely in the air. We’ve had some beautiful sunny days and it’s got me dreaming of the summer holidays…

Sun? Sea? Sand? (In my head, I have got California Dreamin’ by the Beach Boys in my head) I would give anything to be on a beach right now. But seeing as I am in Sheffield, I am going to have to do the next best thing, plan the Online Summer School.

California dreaming... on such a winter's day

California dreaming…

Firstly, you are probably thinking, crikey, you are doing this a little bit early aren’t you? Yep, I have always been a plotter and planner- I just can’t help it.  So – what is the Online Summer School? The Online Summer School is a FREE course that runs over the last two weeks in August. You get the opportunity to learn what enterprise is, why it is so important to the UK, how to come up with a business idea and how to scope it out. The course lasts two days, but you can complete this any time within two weeks. This year, it will be running from the 17th August to the 31st August. The beauty of the Summer School is that wherever you are in the world, you can complete our Summer School.

This is ideal if you have no experience of enterprise or if you have a business idea but just don’t know what to do with it. As an added bonus, if you complete and pass the course, this does count towards the Sheffield Graduate Award and HEAR. What is there not to like?

Register here. A skill-full summer is only a click away.

(Thanks Luke Ma for the image)

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