1 April 2015 - 5:50 pm

The enterprising holiday police

It’s true, I’m an enterprise freak. To me enterprise = savviness = something I MUST do. Therefore, you’d expect that my holiday planning would be a truly enterprising operation. So how do you plan a trip and be savvy about it? Well, let me tell you…

There are some basic rules you need to go by:

1. Book early, obvious right? But how early is EARLY? I book my holidays at least six months in advance, more if possible! There are two main benefits to this: 1) you can secure the dates you really want; 2) you can find some great rates.

The Manchester Police Museum - free & fun, my two favourite things!

The Manchester Police Museum – free & fun, my two favourite things!

2. Look around, never pay for the first thing that meets your expectations. Do your research, is there anything cheaper, in a better location, can you find any deals or discount codes?

3. Plan your activities in advance. Whenever I go on holiday, I plan exactly what I’ll do each day. This way, I can make sure I’m getting the most out of my time. It saves money too! Did you know that museums often offer free tickets on Sundays? Well I did, because I plan my activities early.

Trip Adviser told me that the Heineken museum ticket comes with free beer and a boat cruise... well yes please!

Trip Adviser told me that the Heineken Museum ticket comes with free beer and a boat cruise… well, yes please!

4. Trip Advisor is your friend. I will not give my money to anyone with a rating below 3.5 star. Pretty much anywhere you can think of eating, staying, shopping, and seeing can be found on Trip Advisor. So don’t waste precious holiday time and money. Read some reviews, and you’ll not only know if something is worth your time, but also what to look out for, and what to bring – it’s all on there.

5. You’re a student – tell everyone! I cannot even tell you how many times I asked for a student discount. I pretty much ask every time I need to pay for anything… and all those 10%s add up nicely. Plus, lots of monuments offer free entry to students, so keep your student card and passport handy (when abroad, you’ll need both to claim your free ticket).

So, all this is pretty simple really: plan + prepare + present (your student card) = an enterprising holiday venture.

I hope you’ll have fun on your next enterprising holiday adventure, I definitely will!

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