5 May 2015 - 12:55 pm

Making Ideas Happen module – is it for you?

Making ideas happen, what is it? What’s it like? – Student perspective.

From the outset I am going to be honest, this blog post may turn out to be incredibly biased towards how amazing I think MIH is, sorry in advance.

So Making Ideas Happen or MIH, what is it all about?

  • Aim: to develop a social enterprise that tackles a real problem facing people in Sheffield.
  • 20 Credit module.
  • Available to any discipline student in second or third year.
  • 100% coursework, individual and group work.

MIH (Advert production)

Tough or easy?

This is obviously a subjective answer but in my opinion it is:

  1. Easy if you are good at coursework.
  2. Tough if your team work skills are a bit rusty (but the module is meant to challenge you on this and help develop these skills)
  3. Challenging if you have no prior knowledge of business (but again the module teaches you all you need to know)
  4. Exciting to develop an idea and formulate it into a business that could actually happen.
  5. Easy if you are up for developing your transferable skills such as negotiation, networking, business awareness. To truly get the most out of the module you have to be prepared to learn and develop, not just learn facts to pass an exam.
  6. Tough if you are planning to hitch a ride with your team on this module. This module is peer assessed so if you don’t do any work you may not do as well as your peers.
  7. Challenging if you have no prior knowledge of video making or editing skills (Someone in your group may have these skills or you can utilise the facilities that the IC and youtube provide)
  8. Exciting if you are thinking of starting a business/social enterprise yourself, this gives you great hands on experience of the process of development and start up.

Top tips to succeed:

MIH Advert making

MIH (advert making)

  • Attend the lectures!
  • Don’t run before you can walk, read the lecture reading materials, this will help you develop the knowledge to write your business plan and undertake steps such as market research.
  • Meet with your team weekly, even if it is only a quick catch up session to outline the tasks to get done that week. This will help with morale and help to identify any tasks that need additional focus.
  • Don’t ignore mistakes, I guarantee you that the markers will find them, you cannot hide. So identify any mistakes early on and find solutions.
  • Spread out the tasks and let everyone have a chance. For example, just because you are, say, a business student, it doesn’t mean you’re the best one to write the business plan, someone else may have hidden talents.
  • Decide on how you are going to shoot your advert early on, putting off the daunting task will not help, tackle it head on.
  • Your idea doesn’t have to be the most innovative, and as you’ll learn, it is a difficult thing to achieve, so don’t get too hung up on it being new.
  • Take the pitch seriously– don’t come dressed in your jeans and ugg boots, treat it as a professional interview, this will let the judges know you mean business.
  • Overall, have fun!


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  1. Anna says:

    Great post, Kat!

    As one of the teaching/marking team for MIH, I can say this is great advice for anyone interested in studying our module!

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