23 June 2015 - 11:26 am

End of an era…..or maybe just for a year!

Hi all! Sorry if you haven’t heard from me in a while. So, today is my last shift at USE. It’s been a year!! It doesn’t seem too long ago when I joined in September last year. This place seems the same, but I feel a lot more comfortable now than I did in September.

Although it all seems the same, everything has changed (more or less). I remember when I first started working, I came in a day before to ask advice for my first day. I wasn’t scared (maybe a little) before starting the job but Liz (my previous manager) was a great support and supported me through my first day (and every other day after that).

I’ve feel that I’ve developed so much in past 10 months and all credit goes to Enterprise. Since day one when I had no confidence to deliver a presentation in public. Now I feel a lot calmer delivering a presentation. I can safely say that I’ve grown so much in every aspect.

The support at Enterprise is incomparable and I got loads of help from pretty much everyone in the office. It’s a fun environment with so many people (as Liz says, you have to be mad to work here). Not that I wasn’t mad enough before joining Enterprise, but I’m now on another level of madness. I’ll tell you a few things here at Enterprise that will give you another level of understanding of it:

  1. It may seem that nothing goes on around here, but we are the pivotal to the university (every department)
  2. We work not just with students but with staff and your department to make sure your degree teaches you the skills needed for further studies or work
  3. We give free tea/coffee to anyone who uses our services
  4. Again, you have to be mad to work here
  5. We are partners with Business Sheffield who are situated in the City Centre and help people with their business ideas.
  6. We organise Skill Build (which is quite popular around the University) every semester which helps students, graduates and staff
  7. We help students and graduates up to 5 years after their graduation with business advice, funding etc.
  8. We run a hackathon for technical and non-technical people over a weekend called “Startup weekend” (Link to this year’s hackathon: goo.gl/3e7jN1 ). It’s a good way to meet different people from all across the country.
  9. We offer work experience in terms of internships (the one I do)
  10. We offer modules that you can take in your second or third year to develop skills. More info on that can be found here.

Being an intern for a year I have had the best time I can ever have. I attended my first Christmas meal with USE and many more social events that brought us all closer. I got to know so much more about university than I ever did. I worked on some cool projects and helped fellow interns with theirs.

I’m not even mad but I mean in what job, do you get to play frisbee with your manager over the graveyard in St. George’s?

I’m barely 2 weeks from starting my placement year and I’ve already started missing this place. All the memories attached to this place will really make me teary when I walk out. But it won’t be the same as I won’t be an intern anymore. I do have a choice to come back in AY 2016-17 which I’m very looking forward to do as I’d love to be part of this team again.

But as they say, one story finishes another starts. I’m really looking forward to start my placement but at the same time I’m a bit nervous too. But hopefully with the craziness that I’ve got here at Enterprise, I’ll get through my year in industry and come back as a more developed person.

And it turned emotional! :'(

And it turned emotional! :'(

So till then, you take care and enjoy reading blogs at USE. I may be blogging whilst I’m away but it’s not too sure.

P.S.- It’ll be emotional to say the final good bye :'(

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