10 July 2015 - 2:46 pm

The ultimate secrets of getting an internship leaked…

Hello all! Yeah, I know, long time no see… But this time, I have some useful stuff to offer you: tips to get a placement, yey!

The placements market is still offering a couple of last chances to get a job for the summer or a year, so please jump onto this last train, get a great experience and boost your employability by doing one! Either way, no worries, even if it’s already too late, you can start thinking about next year, because the vacancies mainly begin to open in September. It’s almost time!

So, starting with the very fundamental truth: It is not the quantity that matters, but the quality of your applications. Don’t aim to apply for 20 jobs at once. NEVER. Be picky, choose only couple of opportunities and make sure you do your best in your applications. Get your friends’ opinions on your them, read, improve, read again, improve – believe me, that makes a huge difference. You’re never going to get through the application process if your cover letter is full of typos.

Show that you are different. It applies for both applications and interviews. It doesn’t have to be a huge achievement, it might be just an interesting personal feature. Just imagine, after your interview, your interviewers will be talking like: did you hear that? This guy did/achieved/conducted something. That puts you in a very good position, just because they will remember you. It’s completely up to you and your creativity what impression you want to leave for them. For example, all my interviews started with a discussion about my weird and unpronounceable name (I must have been called the weird name guy in a chat between interviewers), and some general jokes followed. Additionally, that set up quite a nice atmosphere between all of us, therefore the interviews were much more enjoyable.

Ask questions in your interviews. I’m surprised how people forget to do that and still hope to get a job. One of the most important things for employers is whether you are interested in your role and the company you’re applying to work in. Asking questions proves that. Try to find out more information about your role, what projects you will be involved in, what is the culture in the company etc.

Be confident during your interviews!!! If you don’t feel so, fake it! The ultimate tip: just before going to the room where interview is conducted, go to a toilet and stand in front of a mirror with your hands held high for two minutes, saying: I will do my best today. I will get this role. I’m the best. I will do it. As funny as it sounds, it is a great way to boost your confidence. Science!

And the last one, apart from the one mentioned above: BE YOURSELF. That is a big one.




I have used these tips, and you know what? I’ve got a placement for the next academic year in Munich, Germany! Exciiiiiting!

So, that’s my last blog post for USE (actually, that’s my last day here and I’m writing it now!). In conclusion, the year being an intern at USE was outstanding: full of interaction with smart people, help for social enterprise and a lot more! I have found out that we have great students here at university, who have brilliant business ideas and, most importantly, are up to making them happen!

Myself, I’ve developed a huge number of transferable skills: customer service by responding to student inquiries at reception, communication by talking with students about their ideas, also motivating them to do their best, teamwork just by being part of a big USE team and general understanding of how marketing and business works in the real world! As an engineer, that is quite different stuff from what I expect myself to be doing later, and that’s the reason why I liked it! It was something different and I’ve got the skills that I wouldn’t get chance to be develop on my course. Overall, it was great fun, and I would definitely recommend joining the USE team as an intern for everyone!

Byyyyye, I’m off!



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