9 December 2015 - 10:51 am

Because the future is shared

Last weekend I took part in a student led and organised conference all about challenging current thinking in economics. The event was organised by Rethinking Economics, an international network of students, thinkers and citizens, coming together to demystify, diversify, and invigorate economics.

Well my aim here isn’t to bore you with the campaign details but to inform you about the exciting way it is evolving. The campaign as such has a horizontal structure which means that no group as such has dominance over other groups, and every group member has a veto on issues raised.


It was all snowy and fun!

So, when I first came to encounter this type of campaign, I thought the decision making process will be very inefficient and slow, but to my surprise, ‘consensus decision making’ wasa lot more effective than one would expect. The final outcome was far more interesting, as we had given all of our members a chance to speak; we came across some really good ideas. Along with this, since the targets were decided by everyone we were all really excited and enthusiastic about achieving them.


But we did conduct some serious business too!

This event clearly lines up to the direction the entrepreneur industry is currently heading towards:  the shared economy. The sharing concept has created markets out of things that wouldn’t have been considered monetizable assets before. A few dozen square feet in a driveway can now produce some income via Parking Panda. On Spinlister, an unused bicycle becomes a way for a traveller to cheaply get around while visiting a new town, for $20 a day. Along with these we all are aware of the power of crowdfunding, through which big projects can be funded by small donations by the public.

So no matter how big your dreams are; taking help from others or employing them into your dream project isn’t a stupid idea. Remember the future ahead is ours, not yours.


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