18 February 2016 - 11:49 am

Liberating Potential

At USE we love enterprising, in fact we really love enterprising. So much so we want to help and inspire as much as many people as possible get involved. So recently when we came across a study, which said that there was real problem with underrepresentation from people from diversity groups in enterprise, we thought we better do something about it!

Like true entrepreneurs once we had identified the problem, we came up with a solution to address the issue: an event similar to Startup Weekend, but aimed purely at younger people from the diversity groups from across our lovely city, with the aim to get them enterprising, building professional networks and giving them the skills they need to proceed to start their own businesses in the future. We call this event Liberating Potential (The name derives from the fact that our students call the diversity groups: liberation groups).


Imagine music with just one note.

Sounds good, right? But maybe you’re still thinking that running your own business is not your thing. Well no fear, as that’s where ‘intrapreneurs’ come in. Intrapreneurs share all the traits and characteristics of entrepreneurs – consistently challenging the status quo, taking risks and promoting innovation – but are leaders in large organisations, whether this is the NHS, charity sector or large multinational corporations.

So, one of the main aims of Liberating Potential is that we build networks of young people from diversity groups, because as we know one of the major challenges faced by these groups is lack of networks in professional environments. So our event will see younger people from the LGBT+, Black and Minority Ethnic, Dyslexic and Disabled, and Female communities collaborate, buildingamazing teams, access awesome mentors and be brave enough to take the stage and present to a panel of judges

Along with we aim to demystify and promote enterprise as a career option. Not all organizations are cool and open minded like TUoS ( a Stonewall top 100 employer)  , so why don’t you consider starting your own thing?


Give way to Potential

Also don’t forget about this!

Sounds a bit exciting and ambitious? You bet it is.

So what are you waiting for? If you don’t belong to the liberation/diversity groups, but recognise this is a much needed and really exciting development, share the word to your friends! We will also be launching a crowdfunding campaign in March, so watch this space.

Let us together help build our world a more diverse place to be.

Signing out for now, ’till then keep on enterprising!




Picture credits: Luigi Mengato & Miles Goodhew

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