3 October 2016 - 5:04 pm

A whole new angle on enterprise

Only a year ago I was introduced to a new concept called Social Enterprise, something I had never come across before. After taking several months to figure out what I was actually involved in, I figured it out!

Simply, social enterprise is based on taking entrepreneurial action to help solve global issues, in return, the sustainable businesses created help to bring disadvantaged people out of poverty and along the way help to improve sanitation, hunger, living conditions and much more.

Joining a social enterprise business at university helped me to realise that enterprise can be so much more than just developing an idea and making a nice return. Enactus allowed me to join a team of many like-minded people, all with one vision – to create enterprise, changing the lives of people across the world for the better.

Enactus is based around a student-run social enterprise where students from across the world have the opportunity to make their own ideas into reality, whilst benefitting social issues globally. At Enactus Sheffield, I been able to get involved in various new social projects, for example, a new maternal birthing kit project that will help to save lives of newborn children and mothers across Uganda.

Running the commercial side of the business has given me the opportunity to bring alive new ideas! As with any social enterprise, the commercial portfolio is always vital to continue the sustainability of the business and to fund all the new exciting social projects before they start generating an income. One of the best things about Enactus is that you aren’t limited to solely social enterprise, the opportunity to run your own business is something I never thought I would have the chance to do (whilst at University!) and running multiple businesses and teams has given me a breadth of experience!

In only one year, I have been given a realm of opportunities in enterprise and have profoundly learnt enterprise is not all about making money!


Image thanks to Javier Torres

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    Hey everyone! My name is Ash and I am an intern at the University of Sheffield Enterprise. I will be working on social innovation over the next year and outside of University and work, I am an avid trader on the stock exchange and love to play tennis!