12 December 2016 - 11:17 am

A year as an Intern

So it’s been a while since I’ve written a blog; partly because we’ve been off over the summer, and partly because I’ve been so busy working on several projects! Some have already happened, and some are still in the pipelines- watch this space for more news.

Now that I’ve been an intern for almost a year now, I thought I’d write a blog about what I’ve actually been doing, other than ‘sitting at the front desk.’ The shifts range from rather quiet, to really hectic, and can even have you running all over town.

Apart from daily tasks to keep the Zone clean and tidy, I’ve been the USE Ambassador for a couple of our stalls at Open Days, and Experience Sheffield days. This involves knowing-all, as prospective, and sometimes even current students, enquire about what programmes we offer, and how they can become involved. I’ve also done quite a bit of flyering around Sheffield for our events, so look out for them when you’re about!

We get quite a few enquiries about our services on a day to day basis, and it’s really exciting when you get someone coming in with an idea, and you can register and guide them along the path with helps to make it a reality.


As well as this, I’ve been working on a few projects behind the scenes, the first one of which has been Aspiring and Graduate Entrepreneurs, programmes run by my fellow intern Rish, which provide an excellent basis for International Students who want to access our services. I’ve also been working on the Christmas markets, and a business day for musicians- both of which will have their own blogs, so there’s a lot more in store.

Look out for these, especially the Christmas markets, which are being held Dec 14th, in the Students’ Union Activities Zone.

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