30 January 2017 - 3:51 pm

Who wants to be an entrepreneur? I do.

The days of grafting away, endless days in the library to get that 2:1 and joining the endless amount of graduates entering the industry is a common depiction of a student life. But that is changing. Entrepreneurs are getting younger, with students now beginning to realise a graduate job might not be their only option. Why?

Since starting University and having a relatively relaxed first year, I began to set my sights on involving myself in as much as possible, thinking it would give me that real experience to place on my CV; looking attractive to those FTSE 100 firms when I graduate. But instead, it showed me that a graduate job isn’t the only option. Relatively basing my experiences in entrepreneurial activities, namely working as an Intern in Enterprise and being the Vice President for a social enterprise business, I have developed knowledge of business I would never of gained from just concentrating on my degree. Running successful commercial enterprises, presenting to CEO’s, consulting students on new business ideas, leading a team of over 100 students … the list goes on. But how has this impacted me?

Right now, I have ten or so tabs open relating to innovative business proposals, ten months ago the only tab I would have open would be Facebook. It’s not about having the ‘knack’ or having money on your mind, it’s about realising what’s missing, what could be improved. Anyone can become an entrepreneur, it’s evident from the numerous start-ups already seen this year, many coming from students! Of course mistakes happen and I can rest assure they can be a nuisance, but being an entrepreneur with everything being perfect would just get boring. Mistakes are bad, but they are also brilliant, they give you the experience of learning what works and what doesn’t work, building upon your entrepreneurial skills and developing a mindset enough to survive a migraine for 24 hours (okay that was a little extreme).

What I’m getting at and being rather obvious about is that being an entrepreneur isn’t easy, but the investment into not only your idea but also yourself is something I would be willing to take. If you have an idea, make it happen or you will always be thinking – what if.


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    Ash Davies

    Hey everyone! My name is Ash and I am an intern at the University of Sheffield Enterprise. I will be working on social innovation over the next year and outside of University and work, I am an avid trader on the stock exchange and love to play tennis!