19 January 2017 - 1:43 pm

Time Management: The struggle to not be late

Time Management is probably one of the most important things in ones professional life. Work life is full of deadlines, meetings and a schedule, that weather you like it or not, you may not have much influence in changing.


Working flexible hours is a dream many have and while there is always a degree of flexibility, it does not mean that being on time gets any less important, or hard to achieve for some. I am perfect at working within deadlines, if you see me you would not think I lack in the time management department. I never miss a deadline, I always do my work on time, and although I do procrastinate (I have been fighting a battle with procrastination for at least 3 years), I am never the person to slack off when it comes to doing what I am assigned to, or taking initiative. I am proud of my ability to

work quickly and efficiently, which I do in part consider it to be the result of mind that’s is predisposed to wondering around and pondering solutions and ideas before actually executing them. However, there is an ugly side to it. I struggle to get on time every morning, be it work or lectures, I am in a rush not to be late. Pair my smugness of being a fast walker with torrential rain and the so called 15 minutes walk turns into a sold 20, and there you go, 5 minutes late. Getting out of bed early in the morning when the weather is cold and rainy is the real struggle.


How do I cope with it?

The easiest answer is I try to avoid it by having a system of alarm clocks that work by 10 minute rule and 5 minute alarm row to combat the “snooz” dilemma. As a “snooz” maniac, I know that is the only way I can wake up at a reasonable hour. But what being late actually made me learn about me is how much sleep I actually need. Knowing how much sleep your body needs and how to

work with a healthy sleeping pattern is the real struggle. Most importantly, everyone sleep pattern is different, some function their best on a 6h sleep and other on 10h. I know that I naturally wake up after 8h of sleep, and yet I struggle to get those 8h, which makes it difficult for me to get up, without having sleepy as much as my body needs. The total opposite to me on 8h sleep who has no issue with waking up. Bottom line: if you struggle with being late in the morning, see if it is not all about your lack of sleep, before thinking of taking any other measurers.

Thanks Santiago Jaramillo for the picture!


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