10 February 2017 - 9:19 am

Making Music Work

There’s much more to being a professional musician than performing, but it’s often the stuff people don’t teach you. Ever wanted to learn about other jobs in the arts industry? As a USE Intern, I will be conducting a series of sessions on February 28th open to anyone interested in pursuing a career in the arts industry, specifically as a self-employed career.

When at university, it is all well and good to learn how to perform, and get lots of practice at that, but it can often be tricky taking the next step. Becoming your own business brings in a myriad of aspects- managing your bookings and time, your venues- rehearsal/ teaching spaces, not to mention finance, and the world of self-assessed tax. It becomes tricky when doing a combination of this, freelance work, contracts or perhaps a part time job, and finding how it all fits together is a learning curve.

Another avenue many people may or may not have considered is arts management, or roles within the industry which don’t necessarily involve being on stage. Arts management, whether on a small or large scale might be something you have considered- and is something that will be covered on the day. Also important is grant sourcing, methods of fundraising and other opportunities. It is easy to dismiss them thinking that you won’t get them, but someone has to!

As well as this we have a ‘Been there, done that’ session, giving a first hand account of a musician who is performing, and touring internationally. Finding out how to get gigs, organise tours and the ins and outs accompanied by this, from someone who’s currently doing it is also sure to be a great session.

The day is planned into three session blocks, and you are welcome to come to as many as you wish. It is open everyone, not just music students, and will even include free refreshments in the break. Registration is essential for this reason, just sign up at the link below, and come along to the sessions you can!



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