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It can be hard to know where to start when thinking about career planning, but at The University of Sheffield, you can ease your way in with “Taste of Work” from The Careers Service. A short four-hour session is perfect for students who have little or no work experience, as it gives you an idea of what sort of jobs are available to students and what a real working environment feels like, as well as enabling you to add a little bit extra to your CV.

But, what happens next? How can you build on your Taste of Work experience and take it further?


At USE, we have developed WORK+, an interactive afternoon program designed for “Taste of Work” students or students with little work experience, who want to develop enterprise skills that will give them the edge to succeed in the workplace.

WORK+ starts with a Skills Audit to help participants identify what skills they currently posses, thus enabling them to capitalise on their already existing skills. These skills could have been developed both through independent activities and through their “Taste of Work” placement.

We have identified key enterprise skills that we will be focusing on in the workshop, which are very important to develop from the start of your career. Enterprising skills are highly sought after in the job market, as they enable us to be analytical thinkers and be creative when dealing with the task. Through various engaging activities and games, we will be looking at developing leadership and communication skills, to enable participants to take initiative and have confidence in managing a project or a team. The “Six Thinking Hats” is a game specially designed to boost participants’ creativity and decision-making abilities, which will prove useful when being in a work environment and having to deal with different tasks.

WORK+ will take place in The Diamond, Work Room 3 from 1 p.m to 4 p.m on Thursday 27th April. Please register now using this link, as spaces are limited: https://goo.gl/forms/G25QYHl16s3UBp463

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