12 June 2017 - 9:54 am

Come in and Find Out!

Got a business idea, but not sure if it’s viable? Not quite sure how to approach it, or got a specific question?

Come in and ask us! Chances are we’ve had it before, and if we haven’t, we’ll either be able to help you out, or find someone from our extensive contact networks who can!One thing that has always amazed me in the time I have worked at USE, is the scope and broad range of ventures and reach the staff here engage in.

If you’ve got an idea, but not entire sure how to make it into a realistic, sustainable business, come to one of our drop in sessions. We run drop in sessions where you can book in for a 20 min chat about your business and take a good look at our space.

Book now!

You’ll get to talk to one of our Business Advisors, who’ll be able to guide you in the right direction for your project, and perhaps sign you up to our Evolve Business mentoring programme, if suitable.

If you’re an international student, do not despair! Although unable to access our Evolve programme directly, we offer many programmes such as Skill Build (each semester) which you are able to attend, and gain recognition on your HEAR and Sheffield Graduate Award. Keep an eye on our upcoming events page which will be updated over the summer.


So you’ll never know if we can help unless you come in and ask- if you’ve got an idea, however small, make sure to drop by!

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