20 June 2017 - 2:56 pm

The honesty revolution

The world of business is changing. We hear all the time that customers expect more from businesses; from replying to customer complaints over twitter all the way through to businesses operating with complete financial transparency.

Buffer, a social media scheduling service gives complete transparency over its employees’ salaries, financial situation and current performance. They provide a live stream of who subscribes and unsubscribes to Buffer plans for you to watch day and night (if you’re interested in doing that :p ). More often, brands are being built on top of transparency and honesty.

For example, Patagonia provides transparency throughout its supply chain to let customers know the environmental impact of its apparel. A project called “Footprint Chronicles” is displayed to the general public through videos on the company’s website.

Gavin (my business partner) and I saw a complete lack of transparency in the UK agency system. Acting as middlemen, agencies often charge large fees to companies and organisations for nurses and other agency staff. We not only wanted to give more money back to nurses and health organisations but bring transparency and honesty to a legacy industry. We created Shift App to help nurses and healthcare providers, and shake up the agencies.

When we launched we made a commitment of giving power back to the nurses. We let them shape the way the product worked and promise to give each nurse 100% of the wage that the employer was willing to offer. We created a community forum just for nurses to discuss anything they wanted with us in a public setting and provide advice and support around everything locum nursing related.

The honesty revolution is here. New companies around the world are offering its users the chance to be more and more involved in the product that they use. Challenger bank Monzo even has it’s own customer development board for its team to work on customers’ ideas.

It’s up to us to build honest and transparent businesses – let’s get to work!

Álvaro Serrano

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