6 July 2017 - 11:37 am

The Infinity School Podcast

As  a Year 10 student with a keen interest in becoming an entrepreneur, I look far and wide for any advice and tips to stand out. Good advice is often very hard to come by, especially when it is presented in an interesting way that really introduces you into into world of great business ideas whilst remain understandable and relevant. With such a long list of criteria, it is unlikely that all of these criteria will be ticked off, but to my surprise the University of Sheffield created a podcast that has all of that and more!

The podcast features Calvin Benton, a young entrepreneur who aims to challenge how schools teach young students, replacing it with more creative and hands-on experience for children. He looked at real examples of what teaching methods are proven to be the most effective and explains what he found in the podcast. With the new findings, he created Infinity School, an online course for students aged 5-12 to encourage a journey of…

“discovery-not memorisation”

His online course is all non-profit, meaning that all of the money made is put into”democratising exceptional education”.

The podcast has “great and deep conversations with young entrepreneurs”, providing much needed support for other optimistic young students that want to change the world with their ideas. The podcast talks about both ups and downs of business in great detail, and cover everything needed to figure out how you can start your own business.

Words do not do the podcast justice, and so if you have a spare 30 minutes I thoroughly recommend that you listen to the great information. A link here will take you to the podcast, and after listening to it you too will feel surrounded by genius ideas and be inspired to start your business. Also, if you click on this link, then you will be taken to a vast world of ideas on new forms of education that is the  Infinity School’s Homepage.

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