3 July 2017 - 12:14 pm

Work Experience at USE: My First Day

Work can be a scary adventure for any person, no matter their age or previous experience. As a young adult, being introduced to the freedoms work can provide you with, however, it is overwhelming to say the least. The relaxed atmosphere that the University of Sheffield Enterprise offers was a contrast to the iron fist that my secondary school rules with, so this refreshing idea of what work should be in order to help employees work effectively is, in my opinion, a lot better.

With a range of ages, personalities and accents, it is fair to say that the USE isn’t afraid of embracing multiculturalism. The staff are all very pleasant people, having the incredible ability to convey complex ideas though simplistic speech and avoiding patronising those who they are explaining them to. In my personal experiences, this is an ability that most major businesses struggle with, so it is appreciated by both me and those around me. young optimistic entrepreneurs are greeted with warming smiles, made all the more inviting with exciting ideas and fantastic opportunities to match. It is clear to see that if you bring an exciting opportunity to the brilliant team here, your idea will be supplied with creativity and style to help it to develop in this complicated new world.

As a year 10 student who was eager to get a flavour of what work will be like for me in the not-so-distant future, it was disheartening when the 17 businesses companies I applied to denied me a placement, made all the more disappointing by 6 of those refusing to dignify me with a simple “no”. My pessimistic views of work grew and grew as the deadline got closer. I was eager for somebody, anybody to take me on, but to my surprise not only did I get a placement, I got one that I could really learn from as it was something I was eager to narrow my skills on. I have always had a keen interest in persuasive writing, that would eventually develop to marketing tactics.

6 hours ago, I was sat with my mum in a warm car, preparing for what I was thinking would be the end of my innocence. 6 hours later, I am sat with Sarah Ward, a lovely woman who kindly showed me around and helped me with getting started, wishing that this week will never end. Upon arriving I received a timetable packed with a range of activities that will give me a taste of what a life in marketing will be like, and let me tell you, if a career in marketing is anywhere near as exciting as this week will be, then you can sign me up!

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    William Sendel

    I am a 15-year-old boy blessed with an opportunity to explore a pathway I am interested in as a future job. I am currently completing a week long work experience with the great people here, and loving every second of it!