22 August 2017 - 4:07 pm

Me and My Interest in Enterprise

I am the new summer intern at the University of Sheffield Enterprise (USE). Currently a 3rd year chemical engineering student at the University with a desire to potentially start a business of my own.

My interest in enterprise was slowly developed because of my friends and family. Apparently, they saw something that made them think that I had the potential to start and run a business of my own. I want to learn as much as I can in preparation for owning a business someday and I have the perfect opportunity to do that as a USE intern this summer. My interest in enterprise has been further strengthened by learning that it is a useful skill which employers now look for in applicants.

All these led me to wanting to get involved with USE. I started out by being a part of the Aspiring Entrepreneurs’ programme run by one of the interns. I was impressed by the content of the sessions and the support he got from USE. We had a mini competition to pitch businesses we created in groups during the course of the programme. Though my team was not in the top three, I am glad I was involved in this programme as I learnt a few things from the participants.

Hence, whenever I saw vacancies for an intern at USE, I applied. I guess the saying ‘third time’s a charm’ really rings true as I had earlier applied for two different intern roles and was unsuccessful at the interview stages. I really did want an internship and after my second interview I asked for feedback which really helped me in my interview for this role. I am interested in seeing how I will develop and gain valuable knowledge over the course of this internship from writing blogs, planning and managing a project.

I also want to use this opportunity to tell you about the online summer school organised by USE which promises to be informative. I was advised to get involved by previous interns and now passing that onto you. Some of the many benefits of the summer school are that it can be carried out from the comfort of your bed and it counts towards your HEAR and SGA. For more information, please visit: enterprise.shef.ac.uk/event/enterprise-summer-school. Deadline for registration is 21/08/2017 so REGISTER NOW!


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