28 November 2017 - 11:09 am

Why USE an idea?

With the new academic year in full swing, we have a fresh new intern team here at the University of Sheffield Enterprise.

Get to know them each a bit more and learn what Enterprise means to them. Take it away Aleena, Ana, Asma, Hemanshi and Pauline!

2017/18 USE interns – from left to right: Asma, Aleena, Pauline, Hemanshi and Ana.


Hey my name is Aleena! I’m a final year International Business Management student from Kenya. I am so excited to be back in Sheffield after completing an amazing year abroad at The University of Texas, Dallas! This year, I am an Enterprise Intern at USE and as an international student I am enthusiastic about pursuing my project; ‘How international students can secure graduate jobs’

Enterprise to me is an adventure! From generating countless ideas to viable business opportunities, all while creating networks and learning personal and professional skills along the way! It’s a win, win!

Most importantly, Enterprise is open to everyone, from all disciplines so why not start off by channelling your inner entrepreneur right here at USE!


Hi, my name is Ana! I am Masters student, really passionate about my topic (Leadership and Management) but also about how psychology underpins great leader-followers dynamics and about socially-driven enterprise. I have also done my undergrad in Sheffield and have been involved in various activities/committees such as the International Students’ Committee and AIESEC and I have also worked for a year as International Students’ Officer at Sheffield Students’ Union.

Why enterprise? Simple: because it’s the space where ideas actually become reality. USE helped me develop myself and develop my own projects. In my third year I was an intern here focusing on Outreach and Widening Participation.

Now, I am continuing my intern journey focusing on social change, whether that is helping out with Social Innovation Lab or working on projects to empower women to take up more leadership roles. And being able to actually work on what I am passionate about is truly amazing and truly just the essence of what enterprise is.


Hi, I’m Asma! After surviving three years of university, I’m excited to say that I’m now a year away from obtaining my Mechanical Engineering degree. As an enterprise intern at the University of Sheffield Enterprise, I am currently working on a project to encourage more people (especially members of the university) to become entrepreneurs.

One of the reasons why I decided to take engineering was because as I was growing up, I had so many ideas that I wanted to turn into reality. It was only when I got into university that I realised building an enterprise was an option. From then, I started discovering what enterprise is and what building a business entails. I learnt that it is not just about the money, it is about solving problems, connecting with people, finding and providing opportunities, adding values to people’s lives and so much more.

Enterprise is important to me because problems need solutions; living in a dynamic world, more and more problems are arising so we need more people involved in solving these problems. Therefore, I urge you to explore the world of enterprise and to join this exciting and impactful journey.


Heya! I’m Hemanshi; 3 years ago, I moved 11000 km away from my homeland – Kenya to sign up for an adventurous degree at the University of Sheffield; currently a 3rd year Chemical Engineering student. Aside from working at Enterprise, I am an International Engineering Ambassador, a Science and Engineering Champion and the Treasurer of the Women in Engineering Society. In all these roles I work with the university and local communities to encourage more young adults to pursue STEM related subjects. I am also a member of the Sheffield Engineering Leadership Academy (SELA) where I am shaping my attributes to be the best version of myself. While being a student is my day job, inspiring others and spreading joy is my full-time work description. I write blogs, capture moments and above all I take every opportunity to inspire and motivate those around me.

In a cliche, my heritage exposed me to both revolutionary ventures as well as generations of entrepreneurial knowledge. I was born in Kenya – where the concept of mobile money took birth; M-pesa. I grew up in Nairobi – one of the fastest growing cities in Africa; with a booming technology, construction and microfinance industry. I was raised in a family where entrepreneurship was first instinct; from textile to wall-street. So when I heard about USE all I could think of was ‘Where can I sign up?’. In my first year I engaged with USE through the IBM Universities Business Challenge and my team made it up-to the semi-finals. In my second year, I co-created an event for the Excellence Hub to teach young children about enterprise within engineering. Now that I am in my third year, I am more excited than ever to be a part of this amazing family called USE. I chose USE because it is a platform on which young talented minds can get a voice. I chose USE because it creates links, relations and a support system for students, faculties, industry and the wide wide world. USE has an avid variety of courses, seminars and skills sessions that all work towards changing an innovative idea into reality and building a brilliant mind into a genius venture.


Hey there! I’m Pauline, a final year student studying Biomedical Sciences.

As well as working at the University of Sheffield Enterprise, I also help build more inclusive tech communities with Code First: Girls and MedTech Sheffield and manage multiple websites including Science Brainwaves and my own personal blog which I have been running for years, a blog by Pauline. I also am the Digital Rep in my Department and am interested in website development, design, new technologies and using tech for good

I think a lot of people think that enterprise is just about starting up a business but it’s a lot more than that.

It includes developing the entrepreneurial spirit that is useful whether you’re a student or graduate. Enterprise skills and behaviours are highly attractive in the “real” world from being able to generate creative ideas to awareness of user needs and the market. An example of this entrepreneurial spirit can be seen during creative-building-marathons like Hackathons (e.g. HackSheffield) and Start-up Weekend where ideas are built over 24 or 54 hours. It’s incredible!

This is why enterprise is important to me and is something I encourage you to explore! There’s a vast amount of opportunities for you to develop yourself right at your doorstep – why not start at USE? 

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