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31 January 2018 - 10:01 am 5 skills needed to start up your own business

Today I’ll be talking to Stuart McClure, the co-founder of a company called on skills you need to start your own business. I’ve been inspired by what Stuart has shared here today and will definitely be applying this to my own entrepreneurial projects!

LovetheSales is a website that aggregates sale items from 100’s of retailers into one website, helping consumers to find the best deals on products they want.

He has 14 years experience in digital marketing and business management and, before starting his company, worked in a number of multi-million pound businesses in senior positions.

Starting your own business is tough. It takes a lot of hard work, effort and emotion, but most people understand that the rewards of doing so outweighs the toil of getting there. And that’s a good thing. It’s that spark of recognition that keeps you going when times are tough.

I have been through that process myself at my startup, And still am in many ways. You never stop learning or working hard!

I’ve been luckey enough to get the opportunity to share some of my thoughts with you on the top 5 skills I think are paramount to successfully starting your own enterprise, large or small.

Often these lists contain fairly useless ‘skills’ such as ‘Leadership’ or ‘Project Management’ – I am going to try to give you some practical suggestions that will help steer the way you look at yourself and your business, that drive success. Rather than a list of nonsensical suggestions.

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9:56 am CHANGE – Women in Leadership

CHANGE - Women in Leadership course (poster)

CHANGE – Women in Leadership course (poster)

One shiny morning, I woke up to the realisation that I have never tried listening to podcasts before on my way to work or school. So, I took my phone out and I started browsing through an endless list of options, when I discovered Revisionist History by Malcolm Gladwell. Malcolm Gladwell is an exceptional storyteller and the very first story he shared was about a woman, named Elizabeth Thompson, a British painter.But not just a painter, since Elizabeth Thompson is the first woman to be nominated for election for the Royal Academy, as you might expect, a male-dominated world. However, whilst this was a great feat for women around the world and art in general, Gladwell argues that the appreciation of the Roll Call painting, that brought Elizabeth’s fame and her nomination, has also brought her downfall. Why? You might ask. How can her talent be at fault?

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