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11 June 2018 - 3:22 pm Got the skills to make your campus smarter?

Are you good with technology? Can you make things happen with Raspberry PI, Arduino, Micro:Bit and sensors? Then you might like the idea of spending a week in August thinking up clever ways of making the university campus smarter and in the process making life easier for your fellow students – and give yourself the chance of winning up to a grand in prize money in the process.

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1:47 pm My year as an Enterprise Intern

As my year as an Enterprise Intern comes to an end, here’s a reflection of my time at The University of Sheffield Enterprise;

1. Societies Fair
My first role was representing USE at the Activities Fair. I really enjoyed interacting with new students, other society members and of course promoting USE; the bright yellow building next to St Georges Church!
2. Skill Build
I helped to facilitate 2 Skill Build programs that focused on learning Enterprise and Entrepreneurship skills. This experience was an amazing opportunity to network with external speakers in the professional field whilst practicing my communication and presentation skills.
3. Enterprise 101
The opportunity to deliver my own event has been the most memorable part of my experience at USE. From the initial research to presentation preparation to leading the actual workshop; this was an enthralling experience and definitely something outside my comfort zone!
Have a read on the event and what I learned:
Overall, this opportunity helped me strengthen my enterprise skills and I’m so glad to have been able to work alongside the other amazing and inspirational enterprise interns! This role provides a great learning and supportive experience; 10/10 would recommend!

1:46 pm My Year as an Enterprise Intern

I had an assignment due in two days so I decided to procrastinate, I ended up on Career Connect and saw that USE (the yellow building next to the diamond) was looking for enterprise interns and the deadline was in two days. I bookmarked it but my assignment was more important. I was then blessed with an email saying that my assignment’s deadline had been extended and so I used the time to update my CV and write my personal statement to be sent to Liz. It was one of my best decisions.


This was taken on my first day at work – I was extremely excited and headed to the pantry to make myself coffee in the USE mug.

For the past year, I’ve worked on and supported projects such as the Skills Exhibition, How to Start a Venture session, Pitch Club and Pitch Your Way to £1k. Other opportunities also opened up to me because of this role such as being an ambassador for a summer school and meeting amazing entrepreneurs. Continue reading “My Year as an Enterprise Intern” »